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Renewable resources

Renewable energies are considered in practice, energy from sources that either regenerates themself soon or are practically inexhaustible sources. The light energy solar,wind or flowing water can be captured using different methods. Among the renewable energy sources are:

  • wind energy
  • solar energy
  • hydro energy and smaller hydropower, energy flowing waters

All these forms of energy are, technically utilized which may serve to generate electricity.Currently they are unequally valued, but there is concrete and definite trend showing it invests strongly in this relatively new energy industry.

Wind power is generated by a windturbine energy transfer. Winds are formed due to uneven heating of the Earth's surface by radiant energy from the sun that reaches the surface of our planet.The variable heating of the air layer of the air to produce different density areas, which create different movements of the air. The kinetic energy of the wind can be used to train the propeller turbines, which are capable of generating electricity. Some turbines are capable of delivering up to 6 megawatts of electrical power, although this requires a constant wind speed of about 5.5 m/s or 20 km/h. These systems can be built in large numbers. It is one of the oldest sources of clean energy, renewable energy source. Stronger winds can be found at higher altitude and oceanic areas.

The concept of solar energy refers to energy that is directly caused by the transfer of light energyr adiated by the Sun. This can be used to generate electricity or to heat the air within the buildings. Although solar energy is renewable and easy to produce, the main problem is that the sun does not provide constant power in any place on Earth. In addition, because the earth's rotation on its axis, and thus the alternation of day and night, sunlight can be used to generate electricity only for a limited time each day. Another limitation of using this type of energy is the existence of cloudy days when solar energy capture potential decreases noticeably due to shielding the sun, limiting the application of this form of renewable energy. There is no disadvantage because solarinstallations benefit from all points of view. Solar panels generate electricity day different winter vs. summer, this energy is stored in batteries for use at night. Solar systems work even when the sky is cloudy.

Hydro power resource can be measured by power obtainable. Power up the fall and flow of the water source. The micro cell hydraulic means a hydroelectric installed capacity up to 10MW. MHC can be installed relatively small river, but due to seasonal fluctuations in riverflow, river flow without dam must be considerably higher than taken for microcell.

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